Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saving photos

Well I have gone and done now and did it real good while I was at it. Every year in January, I move the past year photos to an external hard drive. Then delete the photos off the laptop to make room for the new photos I will be taking in the new year.

I followed my habit but this time something happened. I had finished moving nearly 3,000 photos to the external. I deleted. I picked up the hard drive to but in safe keeping when I dropped it. Horror.

Oh the tragedy of it all. Now all the little machine does now is beep.

Atlas, all is not dark. I have family who does not delete the photos I send. Ok, some of them do delete. But I have managed to get back roughly 400 photos out of the 3,000. Some lessons are just darn hard to learn. Now, if I can remember next January, I will put up the hard drive before I delete. Might even suggest to husband to buy me a kangaroo drive to use as a second back up for the photos.

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